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Women's Self Defense Class


Strength & Honor Mixed Martial Arts
7233 Haven Ave, Ste B 91701 Rancho Cucamonga United States
With assaults happening everyday in our community we all hope it doesn't happen to us or anyone we know. But if we continue with this thought process we are just sticking our heads in the sand. Attacks happen everyday from being groped in public or a situation where force is being applied violently. Jeff Frater owner and instructor at Strength & Honor MMA has conducted many workshops for Women's Self Defense and has a record account of some of his students escaping and defending from the unthinkable. This is a two day event Thursday June 2nd at 7:00 PM and Saturday June 4th at Noon. You can attend either day or both for one low cost of 15 dollars. We expect a full class and you will be able to work with other ladies with the same mindset and goal to have the ability to defend oneself.